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About Linda

I didn’t always call myself The Back In The Groove Again Coach, so here’s a short version of my story.

I've been married three times and every one of those marriages and divorce (except for the first one), were opportunities for growth.  When I first got married I was 21 and my husband died two months after we were married. I quickly married again to his cousin, and three years later we separated. He asked me to leave, and I brought my two very young children with me. Fast forward to years later in my mid 30's when I married again and this time, I knew in my heart I was not in love- but did it anyways and we divorced almost two years later.

Suffice to say, I didn’t know how to be married, had difficulties with the marriage thing and had to learn quite a few things, including how to love myself first.

Well I now call myself the Back In the Groove Again Coach because I've found myself again. I had lost 'me' in those marriages and for a long time, I didn't understand that, nor believe I was worthy of a healthy relationship. I had to start loving myself first. 

And now my vision is to support thousands of smart women live their best lives now so they can love what they do.