Making Sense of it All

Articles For Women Recovering From Divorce

Are you separated or divorced?

If you are separated or divorced, you  no doubt, have a lot of unresolved feelings towards your ex., are confused or concerned for your children, and  you may have let some of your self-care go to the way side.   You may feel in a daze about the change you're going through, and perhaps you wonder if you'll be able to start over and maybe even date someone at some point. 

You are not alone and  you will make sense of your divorce,  start again and rediscover "YOU", again. These articles will help you during this process.

Making Sense of It All: Articles For Women Recovering From Divorce is a series of articles and tips that are inspirational, insightful and sometimes thought-provoking.

They were written during a period in my life when I was feeling in a dark hole and eventually came out feeling confident, and 'powerful'.  You see, I've been married 3 times and I didn't understand why another marriage had failed. It wasn't until many years following my 2nd divorce that I started to put all of the pieces together and felt compelled to write. For a brief 'personal bio' go to About Linda

If you’ve gone through a divorce, and are wanting to make some sense of it all or are still struggling to fully understand who you are becoming, taking some time for you now will be helpful.

There will come a time when you need to make some decisions, start caring for yourself again, and move on. Know that this will happen in time and the booklet will be helpful during this transition and beyond. 

It's possible to start again, to feel confident , to be your own person, and to be at peace with your past. 

Here's a list of themes you'll find in Making Sense of It All: Articles for Women Recovering From Divorce. For a sneek peek of the article titles, click here.

When you purchase it, you'll also receive, within a few days, links to complementary videos and helpful journal prompts. 

Making Sense of It All: Articles for Women Recovering From Divorce

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Wellness and Self- Care 



Whether you are newly separated or have been divorced for a few years,  being open to acceptance, to change and rediscovering a new you is part of what we need to do to live successfully as a single woman.  Making Sense of It All: Articles for Women Recovering From Divorce will help you to make sense of the change, add more self-care and wellness in your life and prepare you to love your life again.