Making Sense of it All

Articles For Women Recovering From Divorce

Divorce articles

  • Acceptance is the Key
  • Balance is the Key
  • Change your outlook to a positive one
  • How could I have done that? Why I fooled around on my husband
  • How do you get used to something that you really wanted
  • Fear of being newly separated: Five Tips to Help you Find your Way
  • Inner self: Five Tips to Keep Your Inner Self-Happy
  • Outer Shell: Five Tips to Keep your Me-Me Shell Happy

Children articles

  • Hurried Children
  • I am a Mother
  • My mother
  • Raising your children: Five Tips
  • What our children need to grow

Wellness and self-care articles

  • How to dance free style
  • Intend on Changing
  • Intimacy
  • My dos to Enjoy Life and Remain Well.
  • Surviving the Holidays Alone: 12 tips
  • Visualize Your Way Out

Change articles

  • Decluttering
  • Freedom
  • Here’s a thought
  • How’s your wave length?
  • Trust Trust
  • Try on something new

Internet dating

  • Internet dating: my views
  • Is your battery charged or is it drained?
  • Meet someone special: Ten Skills you need to Develop
  • More Skills You’ll want to Develop in order to Meet Someone Special
  • What you want in a relationship: Seven Success Tips